Boca Raton Permanent Makeup Center

The Boca Raton Permanent Makeup Center is located the Sanctuary Medical and Aesthetic Center (SMAC).  In addition to offering a full array of Permanent Makeup Procedures, SMAC is the hub of South Florida’s commitment to revolutionary wellness and rejuvenation. The facility offers an unrivaled physician-led team of specialists treats virtually every area of the body with the latest in science-based beauty and age management techniques. The facility is staffed with world-renowned plastic surgeons Jason Pozner, M.D., Kurt Wagner, M.D., and Christine Haugen, M.D., and celebrated cosmetic dermatologist David Goldberg, M.D., all armed with the most advanced technologies to promote beauty and health.

Boca Raton Permanent Makeup Center

Ashley Swain Permanent Makeup Centers at
4800 North Federal Highway, Suite C101
Boca Raton, Florida 33431

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