The Brow Factor: eyebrow tattoos latest trend in beauty

The Brow Factor: eyebrow tattoos latest trend in beauty

Remember back in the 90s when thin was in? Pop stars like Christina Aguilera sported super tweezed eyebrows. Well, as with any fashion trend, things change. According to makeup instructor Kelcey Harasen, at the Style Academy in Regina, “thick, shapely, sculpted brows are in”. Think Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie.

Harasen said people looking for an alternative to colouring in their brows daily have a few options.

  •  Eyebrow Tattooing: This has been a practice for more than a decade and is permanent.
  •  Eyebrow feathering or micropigmentation: a new practice that is similar to tattooing,    but uses pigment instead of ink. It last anywhere from 1-3 years.
  • Brow extensions: Applied similarly to eyelash extensions and last about 3-5 weeks.

Shasta Tokar calls herself a “glorified makeup artist”. She is a certified cosmetic tattooist and has been operating out of a tattoo studio in Regina for less than a year. She performs as many as 10 brow feathering procedures per week, and said there is no shortage of people willing to spend hundreds of dollars for someone to tattoo their face.

“It was popular in Korea before and it’s just been in the last year that it’s really exploded here,” explained Tokar.

Tokar, like many studios, offers a discounted “compassion price” for people who have suffered hair loss due to medical conditions such as cancer or alopecia, but the majority of her clients want the procedure strictly for convenience.

One of her clients, Lisa Smith, who made the trip from Saskatoon, told CBC, “I just wanted it done, not to have to spend time in the morning putting on eyebrow pencil. Trying to make it match, trying to get a colour that matches your hair for the week or the month. Everybody’s is in a hurry now, and I’m one of those people.”

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