Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

Eyebrows add significant value and form to a person’s individual beauty. Permanent Eyebrows can frame your face and add definition and lasting beauty to your appearance. If done on a precise basis by seasoned permanent makeup technician, the proper placement of your permanent eyebrows will open up your eyes and actually improve the appearance of the shape of your face.

Who Benefits from Permanent Makeup Eyebrows?

If you have little or no eyebrow hair, you will be amazed at the change that permanent eyebrows can make in your appearance. Furthermore, if you are an active individual, that enjoys swimming, running or other athletic activities, Permanent makeup eyebrows can be an ideal solution. Anyone who desires more fullness of the brows, especially those who use a pencil will love the procedure, saving them up to thirty minutes each day. Alopecia sufferers are pleasantly surprised at how natural it looks.

Determining the Exact Positioning the Permanent Eyebrow

At Ashley Swain P.A. the Permanent Eyebrow procedure starts with a careful review of the client’s desired appearance and facial bone structure. Hair color and style can change, but the shape of the face, hairline, and the relative proximity of the facial features are set for life. Ashley Swain will closely examine each facial feature including, the distance between the eyes, size of the forehead and general shape, height and width of each face. All of these factors are carefully reviewed and considered when determining the proper shape and placement of the permanent eyebrows.

Determining the position, arch, and placement of the Permanent Eyebrow requires the technician to balance the perfect combination of understanding natures rules of symmetry and artistry. During the consultation, Ashley will focus on determining the natural parallels established by drawing imaginary lines from the inner corner of the eye straight up to the inner “bulb” of the brow. However, most people do not have perfect symmetry so establishing the correct positioning requires an artistic eye to take into account the whole face into account and apply the permanent eyebrows in a way that “bends” some of natures rules to produce a perfect and natural appearance.

Determining the Exact Shape the Permanent Eyebrow

A key element in determining the shape of the Permanent Eyebrow is to first determine how the client sees and feels about his or her appearance and beauty. Understanding each client’s objectives and perceptions is factored in when determine the exact Permanent Eyebrow shape and enhancing your natural beauty. For instance, a person’s face can be given a cosmetically narrower or wider appearance by just selecting the proper placement and shape of their new permanent eyebrows.

Natures rules are also critical in finding the correct shape of Permanent Eyebrows. Heavy and close set brows can give the impression of displeasure or frowning. Flat brows can cause the eyes to look smaller and the entire face to appear shorter in length. A very high and arched thin brows is not only outdated but can give an unnatural surprised look, like a “deer caught in a car’s headlights”. Just like in determining the proper placement, a skilled Permanent Makeup technician must use the correct balance of artistry and natures rules, in applying the perfect shape of the Permanent Eyebrows.

Color Selection of Permanent Eyebrows

Color selection for Permanent Makeup Eyebrows is another area that is more art than science. It’s another reason to work with a Permanent Makeup provider that has substantial artistic and procedural experience. At Ashley Swain we never use off the shelf colors and formulas. We study each clients natural hair color and skin tones and work to understand each clients hair styles and preferences. We then customize each pigment selection individually for each client to perfectly match hair color, preferences and skin tones.

Once of the particular challenges with determining the proper permanent makeup pigment color is that it takes up to 10 days for the pigment to reach its final permanent tone. The delay is due to the natural healing process that will alter the brightness and appearance of the permanent eyebrow. Understanding how colors change during the healing process is also a key factor that requires many years of experience and artistry to master.

The Permanent Eyebrow Procedure

At your first appointment, you will come into one of our 4 state of art Permanent Makeup Centers. Each center is staffed by a full medical team that will make you feel warmly welcomed and comfortable. The first appointment will determine the proper positioning, shape and color of your new permanent eyebrows. If you are ready to proceed at this point we prepare the brow area by applying a numbing cream that will make the procedure painless and comfortable. Ashley Swain will then create your permanent eyebrows with hair stroke simulation that gives your new brows a wonderfully natural look. Additionally, a soft powder fill may be used to compliment the client’s natural head of hair. Once the procedure is completed, the client is given a care package that includes everything needed to care for your new permanent eyebrows. It is advisable that the client relax for the remainder of the day, and ice the brows to minimize and swelling, redness or discomfort. Typically, within 12 – 24 hours of the procedure you are free to carry on your normal fully functional day.

At second appointment is always scheduled for 3 – 4 weeks following the procedure. This second appointment is used as a perfecting session, in which a second layer of color is added to provide a final tone and shape of the Permanent Eyebrow and, assure the natural results you desire.

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